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Dental Cleaning in Geneva, IL

At Fairway Family Dental Care in Geneva, IL, our team is dedicated to providing quality preventive dental care, helping to halt dental problems before they begin. In addition to regular brushing and flossing at home, routine dental cleanings are one of the most important elements of good oral hygiene. Getting dental cleanings at least twice a year will help remove built-up plaque and tartar, preventing tooth decay and helping detect any budding oral health conditions early on for optimal treatment.

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Why You Need Professional Dental Cleanings

Even if you are extremely dedicated about brushing and flossing your teeth, it’s important to also go in for routine professional dental cleanings. Regular cleanings at home do a lot to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but plaque can still build up over time in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, hardening into tartar and potentially causing issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Professional tools and skills are required to remove this tartar and built-up plaque to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

During a dental cleaning at Fairway Family Dental Care, our skilled dental hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums using professional tools. This process will include removing plaque and tartar as well as stains. Once your teeth are cleaned, the dental hygienist will polish your teeth and floss between your teeth. Dental cleanings also provide an opportunity for cleaning or adjusting mouth fittings like dentures, bite guards and partial dentures, so be sure to bring these with you to every dental appointment.

For patients who practice good dental hygiene at home, the dental cleaning process is typically comfortable and relatively short. For those who don’t brush and floss regularly, the process can take longer and may cause some discomfort and sensitivity. Our team at Fairway Family Dental Care is dedicated to making your dental experience as comfortable as possible, so we’re happy to discuss any necessary accommodations to improve your dental cleaning experience. The best way to maximize your comfort, however, is to stay on top of dental hygiene practices at home.

Benefits of Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings at Fairway Family Dental Care have a wide range of benefits, from deterring bad breath to brightening your smile. Professional dental cleanings:

  • Are your best defense against cavities
  • Can prevent future tooth loss
  • Brighten your smile
  • Help keep bad breath from developing
  • Lower your risk for heart disease and stroke
  • Help lower your chance of developing more serious complications

Our experienced team works to make your dental cleaning a smooth and enjoyable experience, brightening your smile and protecting your teeth.

How Often You Should Have Dental Cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends two dental cleanings per year, with more regular teeth cleanings if you have oral health issues like gum disease or are prone to cavities. Getting teeth cleanings every six months helps reinforce at-home dental hygiene practices and gives us an opportunity to complete dental exams, detecting any possible oral health conditions early on. When it’s time for treatment by a dental professional, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 630-402-0359 at your earliest convenience!