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Geneva Dental Fillings & Restorations

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Fillings and Restorations in GenevaDon’t let a small toothache develop into a more serious complication. Without a proper cavity filling, eventually, the tooth will need a root canal and possibly a crown, costing you more money in the long run. At Fairway Family Dental Care, Dr. Beeson and our team of professionals are highly trained to care for your teeth. Preserving your smile is our priority, which we accomplish through natural composite fillings.

Some of the benefits of natural tooth-colored composite fillings include:

  • The color of the composite filling matches the natural color of the surrounding teeth, blending in naturally.
  • Composite fillings can be used on front teeth.
  • Composite fillings can be placed in areas where amalgam fillings cannot.
  • Requiring less tooth structure to be removed compared to amalgam fillings.
  • Composite fillings can strengthen the tooth since they bond to the tooth.

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